5-STAR-RATING-TESTIMONIALS Thanks for the headspace! It's really helped!

O*****, Fareham

5-STAR-RATING-TESTIMONIALS Such a positive life-changing experience. Sue, you are an expert in your craft! I would recommend seeing Sue to anybody. Sue is professional, friendly and put me at ease immediately. I wasn’t expecting to come away from this experience with such a positive outcome and experience.

N*****, Fareham

5-STAR-RATING-TESTIMONIALS I found this very useful, very calming. Sue is very welcoming and comfortable to be with.

Susie, Fareham, age 16

5-STAR-RATING-TESTIMONIALS Such a positive life-changing experience. Sue, you are an expert in your craft! I would recommend seeing Sue to anybody. Sue is professional, friendly and put me at ease immediately. I wasn’t expecting to come away from this experience with such a positive outcome and experience.

N*****, Fareham

5-STAR-RATING-TESTIMONIALS Sorry, I forgot to text you! I was too busy celebrating! Yes, I did pass (my driving test) and it was a wonderful feeling! Thank you so much for your guidance and support.

C*****, Portchester

5-STAR-RATING-TESTIMONIALS  Oscar came to me with concerns over his quick temper and low confidence. Here is what happened:

Oscar invited me to his 'Reward' party, to celebrate 3 months of managing and overcoming both his temper, his anger and his confidence issues. His family are over the moon.

Oscar, Fareham age 12

5-STAR-RATING-TESTIMONIALS  Thank you so much Sue. I never thought I would ever be able to swallow a whole tablet. It has been the bain of my life and I couldn't see a way to resolve it. I'm so glad I met you as I can now take care of my health in a much better way. 

A.., Portchester. age 78

5-STAR-RATING-TESTIMONIALS Hi Sue, I didn’t report back last week after golf as I wanted to see what it was like ‘next time’ – which was yesterday!

I have to report that the ‘yip’ has all but gone!!! Fingers crossed that it’s permanent!

Thank you so much for your help. It’s made a dramatic difference. Who knows, I may now end up as a Pro!!!

If the problem returns, or shows signs of doing so I will be back, rest assured!

M*****, Solicitor

5-STAR-RATING-TESTIMONIALS I can not believe the change one session has done for me. I can now have a good nights sleep. I am so so grateful. I’ve already had the best week and I feel fantastic! So thank you Sue.

Update 2 months later: I am so grateful for the help you have given me Sue. I am sleeping well almost every night and feeling much better for it. Thank you.

A*****, age 86

5-STAR-RATING-TESTIMONIALS All going really well! I just thought I would give you an update. When I came to London I had a few tough days – mainly when I’d had a drink but you’ll be pleased to know I’m in considerable control – although not 100% stopped its an odd occurrence rather than a regular one! I’ve managed to save up to £10K in 4 months, money I’m sure would have been gambled away otherwise! I couldn’t have done without you! Thanks Sue!

H*****, Stock Market Trader, London

5-STAR-RATING-TESTIMONIALS Sue has helped me tremendously with my confidence. The faux confidence that I was able to portray when necessary, has been replaced by a genuine quiet confidence without unnecessary anxiety and toll on my energy. Sue is kind and personable and I would recommend her highly.

B*****, Fareham

5-STAR-RATING-TESTIMONIALS I came to see Sue after a recommendation and I am glad that I did! I was nervous but Sue soon put me at ease and I could begin to see, with some quick results, the changes that I was making in my life.

I no longer am conflicted. I now understand that I am my own worst critic, and I now have strategies in place so that I no longer beat myself up or blame myself. I am now proud of myself and happy with the choices I have made in my life and can see a way forward to a new future, eating less and feeling more confident with myself and my choices. If you are struggling with any aspect of your life, then I recommend you come and see Sue. She will sort you out I’m sure!

H*****, Locks Heath

5-STAR-RATING-TESTIMONIALS I was very skeptical before seeing Sue as I was not a believer in hypnotism, but after a couple of sessions, all I can say is Sue is great at what she does and helped me overcome some major problems for which I will be ever thankful to her for.

J*****, Fareham

5-STAR-RATING-TESTIMONIALS   Thank you Sue for helping me to stop sucking my thumb. At my age it was becoming too embarrassing and even my friends found it hideous! Now I have a nice thumb and nice nails too!

H...., Fareham age 16

5-STAR-RATING-TESTIMONIALS Adam came to me suffering from major depression, panic attacks and had attempted suicide. It was lovely to receive this text showing how much more energy and how well he felt after hypnotherapy and life coaching sessions with me.

A****, Fareham

5-STAR-RATING-TESTIMONIALS Dan has been very different since he came to you.  (Dan suffers from ADHD). You, Sue, have shown a calm, gentle and patient approach with him. He found your sessions fun! Dan connected with you and I was surprised when you managed to show enthusiastic interest when be repeatedly brought along his Warhammer along! But for me as a Mum, Dan is now calmer (at times) and is now understanding how his behaviour impacts on others. It’s not plain sailing but both he & I have some resources we can use and tap into and that makes a huge difference in our day to day life. We would like to thank you and we will be back to see you when we need to, as you know our ongoing story and issues.  Thank you once again Sue.

S***** (Dan's Mum). Dan aged 11

5-STAR-RATING-TESTIMONIALSI found Sue very approachable and very understanding of the problems I was facing when I first saw her. I found her hypnosis sessions very interesting and the external resources she gave me very helpful. I have found that seeing her has been an experience worthwhile in order for me to have a bright future.

AJ***, Luton

5-STAR-RATING-TESTIMONIALS I had a problem which was embarrassing me at school and Sue helped me to get rid of it. And she helped me with my confidence. And she was fun.

Ironman, age 11, Fareham (not his real name!)

5-STAR-RATING-TESTIMONIALS Thanks for hypnotising me last week. I thought I would share my week with you. After the deep relaxing state I was in after my visit to you I drove home fully relaxed and anxious free, I felt happy and calm for two days, then on the 3rd day I had an outburst at work and this threw me off for the rest of the week, so I listened to your recording and the last two days have been the happiest I have felt in years and years. Whistling and singing songs at work, smiling and laughing it’s as though I have found a new inner peace! I have found the confidence to make the decision to go part time after Christmas.
I know its the treatment. I have just dropped my daughter off to work and I got stuck in the rush hour traffic which I normally dread but as I listened to Dolly Parton (LOL) I felt a deep sense of calm. Next week can you chuck in there a bit of weight loss I’m laughing here!

M****, Fareham

5-STAR-RATING-TESTIMONIALSOne of Victoria’s phobias was the fear of anyone around her being sick. She had avoided visiting relatives in hospital and used to hide away in her car for 24 hours when someone near her was sick before she had her children. Having kids brought it’s own challenges and she could not deal with them being ill or sick.  I received this today.

“Hi Sue, hope you are well. Just wanted to let you know that it happened! My daughter was sick yesterday morning and as you said I would, I went in and dealt with it! No fuss, no problems and no running away! And I felt calm throughout. I still feel calm about it now, not worrying about it is a brilliant feeling! After 24 years of feeling panicked and scared, this is a huge step for me. Amazing! I can’t thank you enough! Victoria xx

V****, Fareham

5-STAR-RATING-TESTIMONIALS Finally got round to writing this which I should have done long long ago. Not gonna lie, going into Hypnotherapy Iwas very sceptical. Mainly about whether about or not it could actually work. My problem consisted of a lack of confidence with a specific aspect of long car journies. Mainly getting to college on the bus. Which obviously isn’t a great thing. So I decided to go into Hypnotherapy with an open mind. and quite frankly it was the best thing i have done since the problems started. Starting this academic year, i have had no such problems involving the bus or any journies in general! Plus I always know that just around the road from me is an extremely friendly lady by the name of Sue. She really has solved all my problems in this field and has improved my confidence ten times over!! If anyone is unsure about whether or not Hypnotherapy is for them / if it works. My advice would be: Do it. As I have said before, i am fixed now!! Thanks a lot Sue. you have really really helped me here. and I am eternally grateful

D****, age 15. Fareham

5-STAR-RATING-TESTIMONIALSIt was great to receive this text today.  B has overcome her anxiety and achieved the results she needed to get into uni! I also helped her mum with some calmness and confidence too!  I love this job so much!  Thanks for letting me know!

B, age 19 & her Mum S

5-STAR-RATING-TESTIMONIALS Coming to see Sue was quite a big deal for me however I needed to get over my belief that my body was fat and that I was unattractive.  I wanted to be in a relationship with a man yet did not want him to see me naked as I told myself my body wasn’t good enough to be looked at.  In fact, I had buried myself in my career so I could hide from the world.

3 months on and lots of things have changed for me!  I bought a Vintage Pin-Up Photography session and had hundreds of pictures of me taken (some in my lingerie as well!) I then spent over £600 on the photos and have posted them all on Social Media for my friends to see!  I feel totally liberated now!  I can see the person other people saw and I’m not self-conscious about my body anymore.  I am looking forward to the future, to finding a partner and I am so proud of myself for trusting this process and for all Sue’s work and support to get me to where I am now.  So if you are having body image problems, whatever they are, give Sue a call. It will change your life!

E*****, Southampton

5-STAR-RATING-TESTIMONIALS I first came to see Sue 4 months ago and I was an emotional wreck! (and that’s not an understatement!). I was low, my confidence was battered and I was “lost”. I began quite frequent therapy and as time went by with Sue’s guidance and help my spirits raised dramatically. I started to have a positive outlook on life and look at the bigger picture. My life has turned around and I almost don’t recognise the person who walked through her door those months back.  I needed someone when the chips were down and I certainly chose the right person.  I’d recommend her to anyone.

C****, age 19 Portchester

5-STAR-RATING-TESTIMONIALS My whole experience of hypnotherapy has been one of the best and rewarding experiences I have ever had and it has improved my confidence and anxiety dramatically thanks to Sue and the tools and skills she has taught me. The skills I have learnt over the past six sessions have helped me through nerve-racking and anxious times like exams and group work at school. Sue has also shown me that I don’t have to change my personality or looks in order to feel good about myself and feel proud and pleased with my achievements. I wasn’t sure about the idea of hypnotherapy when my mum first suggested it to me, because of the way hypnosis is shown these days in the media. The experience of hypnosis is hard to describe, as it is different for everyone, however for me it has not only helped me improve my confidence, but it also gave me a chance to relax and have a chance to think about myself and what I need to do in order to feel comfortable and proud of myself because it can be overshadowed by school work and exams, however having that time to concentrate on myself and my worries and anxieties  really has helped me to relax and to think about something else rather than school. Sue also created a calm and relaxing atmosphere, just by making me aware that she wasn’t expecting anything from me and she was very sympathetic towards the fact that it was a new and scary experience for me. Sue also made it clear to me that it was all in my control and I had the power to choose if I wanted to go under hypnosis. My experience of hypnosis has been better than I could have ever imaged, without a doubt I would recommend Sue to others and I also find it comforting to know I have all the skills to manage my worries and anxieties when needed. Also the fact that I know Sue is there if I ever needed more support or even someone to talk to is comforting in its self. 5-STAR-RATING-TESTIMONIALS

A***, age 14. Lee On Solent

5-STAR-RATING-TESTIMONIALS Siobhann had failed her first Driving Test and was really anxious to pass this time.  She came to see me on the morning of her test and we worked on keeping her calm and focused on the task in hand.  She didn’t want to flounder if things went wrong – and they didn’t!

Siobhann, age 24. Fareham

5-STAR-RATING-TESTIMONIALS A**** came to see me as she needed to pass an oral and written assessment so she could further her career.  We worked on her presentation and performance skills and I’m pleased to say that A**** Passed!

A****, Fareham

5-STAR-RATING-TESTIMONIALSI would like to thank you for all your hard work.  After sessions with you I am now more confident in myself and able to travel further afield with more confidence and a lot less stress. You have provided tools that I can consciously and sub-consciously use to achieve my aims and ambitions.  I have had my fear of panic attacks for many years and wish I had seen a hypnotherapist as the beginning, I would recommend you to anyone and you are such a nice person too.

K****, Fareham

5-STAR-RATING-TESTIMONIALS Thank you very much for the past life session and the recording. Having had many sessions with you and made many changes, I was surprisingly anxious about this past life session. However you put me at ease and I found the whole experience to be interesting and insightful and I aim to take on board the apparent lesson – to slow down and appreciate each day more fully! It was quite an emotional session and yet the lessons I learnt were so relevant to this current life. 

R**, Denmead

5-STAR-RATING-TESTIMONIALS I’ve tried hypnotherapy before to stop smoking and it didn’t work, but I was at the end of my tether and for health reasons giving up was the only option I had. So I found Sue online and asked her to help me.  I’d expected the type of session I’d had before but Sue was different! Awesome in fact! She took me back to where it all began and I managed to get rid of the need to smoke through understanding what had motivated me in the first place. She helped to fix that for me (I don’t know how!) but I came out that session a completely different person and I know, deep down inside, that I’ll never smoke again. What more can I say but a big, big thankyou!

D**, Eastleigh

5-STAR-RATING-TESTIMONIALS Sam came to see me with severe panic attacks. He was extremely anxious anywhere away from home and could not go into town without having a panic attack and running back home.  He has  put in a lot of work and now all the effort has paid off! He has just come back from holiday and was absolutely fine!  I’m so so proud of you Sam

S****, age 25. Fareham

5-STAR-RATING-TESTIMONIALS Lily came to me as she would only eat chips and pizza and this had been the case since a toddler, she would not eat anything else or try it which exasperated her family.  Her boyfriend wanted to take her out for a pub meal and in the future wanted to take her on holiday abroad, so Lily wanted to be able to try new foods and widen her choices instead of being in fear of her food.  Her main wish was to eat a Christmas dinner with her family.  This is the text I received a few days later… well done Lily, proud of you!

Lily, age 17. Southampton

5-STAR-RATING-TESTIMONIALS I would highly recommend hidden depths hypnotherapy, as it has been so successful and has really changed my life for the better, I am a much happier person and really impressed with the outcome, also Sue is so lovely and easy to talk to, would definitely go back if I needed too.

T***, age 19. Waterlooville

5-STAR-RATING-TESTIMONIALS I just want to thank you for all your help over the last few months. Not only have you helped with the hypno sessions but also through your kind words, encouragement and friendliness. I have enjoyed coming to see you and feel it has helped a lot. I look forward to living a happier, healthier life.

J**, Southampton

5-STAR-RATING-TESTIMONIALSWhen Sue first suggested I should have some hypnotherapy I was skeptical, and after the first session I felt it hadn’t helped me at all. Then Sue explained again that that first session was just to get me used to hypnosis, so I agreed to a second session. This session was longer and deeper and I could not believe how well it had worked! After months and months, maybe years of sleepless nights I found I was sleeping! I can't thank Sue enough for all she has done for me and I recommend her to anyone I meet.

P****, Age 88, Portchester

5-STAR-RATING-TESTIMONIALS For years I’ve struggled with needle phobia, the very thought of a needle set me off into a panic but I had a vaccination I had to get for uni so I found Sue online. Sue was extremely friendly and very welcoming, she explained everything before she did it so I had no doubt or uncertainty. The hypnosis itself is extremely relaxing! After just two sessions I found myself feeling a lot calmer about injections and the following day I had an injection and felt no panic or fear it was amazing! Would really recommend Sue to anyone struggling with phobias!! Happy to talk to anyone with further questions.

P**, age 18. Warsash

5-STAR-RATING-TESTIMONIALS I never believed I could be hypnotised in a million years! I thought I’d just go and be nice. How wrong was I! It feels so lovely and it makes me feel so sleepy and I don’t want to fight it! Its probably the only time I have for me and I have been surprised at the outcome. I’m willingly going to the gym and I’m starting to take care of myself again. I’ve even booked to have my hair coloured! Thank you for listening to my problem and helping me overcome it

J***. North End

5-STAR-RATING-TESTIMONIALS I was a little sceptical as I imagined myself being made to cluck like a chicken, well to be told to do stuff I really didn't want to and I was a little anxious. But Sue put me right at ease and I soon understood that I was aware of everything she said and that she couldn’t make me do anything I didn’t want to. So once I trusted that I relaxed. Now I am full of confidence and ready to start my new job. I actually can see myself making a difference at work and making a valued contribution. My fears are gone and I’m a new woman. Thank you Sue

C***, Chandlers Ford

5-STAR-RATING-TESTIMONIALS I had hypnotherapy to stop myself from binge eating as it had become quite a bad habit. Having had 2 sessions I realised how differently my eating habits had changed. I realised I was conscious about my eating and stopped binge eating!! I still eat naughty things but instead of just eating them and not thinking I thought about what I was eating and stopped or would only allow myself a very small amount! I would highly recommend getting hypnotherapy from Sue. She was brilliant, professional, easy to talk to and very, very understanding. I would just like to ad that I was very unsure about hypnotherapy and Sue made the experience very easy to handle and totally changed my views and opinions.

F****, Locks Heath