Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding or Bruxism is very common and is the third most frequent sleep disorder after insomnia. It affects around 8-10% of the UK population and 30% of children. It is a compulsive habit of clenching your teeth together in the day and/or grinding your teeth together at night.

It is a habit that you acquired unintentionally, and it can lead to serious deterioration of your teeth. You may find that you experience

  • Worn down teeth & damaged tooth enamel
  • Tense facial and jaw muscles leading to headaches
  • Clicking of the jaw joint (TMJ)
  • Earache arising from muscle tension
  • Ridged tissue on the inside of your cheek because of chewing
  • Tongue indentations
  • An unhappy partner who was awoken with the noise of you grating your teeth

Bruxism is widely recognised as a stress-related disorder, with 70% of sufferers in a recent study reporting that their teeth grinding is related to stress.

Whatever the cause, and whatever factors may have helped to get you where you are today, the point is to stop the habit. If you have a habit then you have a thought pattern that leads to it. With hypnotherapy we can interrupt those thought patterns, change the behaviours and stop the habit and teach you skills to help you maintain the results.

Please be aware there are side effects from hypnotherapy and these are all positive! Improved sleep, better stress management as well as stopping the habit!

So if you are ready to stop this habit then give me a ring on 07746 202181 or 01329 289080 and see how I can help you

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