Stopping smoking

Thinking of giving up the cigarettes? It’s easier than you think.

Smoking isn’t usually for the love or the taste or the smell of a cigarette. It’s often not even about the nicotine. You do it because it has become a habit which has a secondary benefit – maybe a nice feeling of some sort, maybe to de-stress and or just that self-indulgent “me” moment we all need from time to time. Often it gives us an excuse to escape work for a few minutes. Whatever it is it makes us feel good.

E-cigarettes, nicotine gum and patches don’t let you keep that good feeling – hypnosis and NLP do. Imagine being able to feel that good feeling instantly any time you want. There is no reason to smoke any more. That’s what I teach – and it’s so effective and so simple.

Hypnosis is used to install good feelings into the subconscious mind where our habits and other learned behaviours reside. New habits replace the old and by helping yourself by listening to the recordings you become in control of your own feelings. There is no longer any need for a cigarette to achieve the feeling you were craving. It is easier and needs a lot less willpower than you think! So stop smoking and start repairing your body.

Give me a call and see how I can help you get start repairing your body and becoming healthier once again.
See the link below to the NHS and Stoptober campaign and join

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