Past Life Regression

Do you ever wonder if you have lived a past life?
Who might you have shared that life with and what lessons were there to learn in that life and how are they related to this life?

Indeed many of my clients who have experienced past life regressions have found that a past life that they regressed to still had a connection to this current life. By revisiting that life it allowed them more information and surprisingly helped resolve current issues. It explained behavioural traits that seemed out of character. One lady hoarded food all the time and didn’t understand why. She regressed to being in a concentration camp and trying to hide any food so she could pass it to her sister. Another ate too much and was grossly overweight and she regressed to find out that she was being starved in a previous life and never knew when the next meal might come from. She has now let go of the need to over eat and is now on the road to a healthier body.

Not all lives are traumatic, indeed most are quite ordinary. It’s unlikely you will regress to be an important figure in history (although this does happen) it is more likely you will regress to a life that has some emotional memory that repeats itself in this life. For me I had a situation in this life where I felt guilty (although I didn’t need to) yet that guilt was 100 times worse than the reality of that situation. I choose to experience a past life regression and in that life I was a reluctant soldier who was made to murder 13 families in Mongolia in 1449. I didn’t want to do it and the feeling of guilt was overwhelming. I carried that feeling into this life, and once I understood it the feelings in this life disappeared! I then googled that time in history and read about the goings on and discovered the truth to the tale which I had no idea about. I was never interested in history at school and wasn’t even sure where Mongolia was! Not a life I would have chosen to revisit if I had made a conscious decision!

I have always believed in reincarnation so the thought of past life regression was not new to me. And it was fantastic to experience it for myself. Why don’t you give it a go?

It might surprise you and it might intrigue you. Give me a call and lets chat about this wonderful experience and what it could mean for you.

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