Pain-free – A story of true life

I’d like to tell you a story, a true story… and it’s about me. So bear with me…. For you too can learn how hypnotherapy can help you release chronic pain and help you become pain-free

Once upon a time a young lady of 17 decided to fall down a flight of concrete steps and fracture her coccyx. Not the best plan she had ever had but nether the less the beginning of years of pain, operations and physiotherapy.

Then at the age of 26, with a 3-month-old little boy, she slips a disc in her back and spends the rest of her pregnancy on her Mums lounge floor, only allowed to get up to go to the toilet. Even that was too much strain on her body and she is admitted for bed rest in hospital. After her daughter was born she was advised to not have any more children as her back could not take it. Several years later an MRI showed Degenerative Disc Disease from her neck to the base of her spine, and that is how she lived her life…in constant pain. Until she discovered hypnotherapy.

And that’s when several things emerged…and the pain puzzle was unravelled…..

Firstly – that she used pain to get attention (this even showed as when she was a little girl she often got sore throats to get time off school and get hugs)

Secondly – with the aid of parts therapy she discovered that her core belief from the age of 2 (an incident I won’t share here) was that she needed pain. The pain kept her body alert so it could get her away from situations. It was protecting her – although in a misguided way. Once this cause was discovered she thought the pain would go, but no, her subconscious mind was stubborn and wanted to hold on to something it found was so familiar….

So finally – the pain still had not gone away so this 55-year-old woman volunteered to experience pain therapy with Joanna Cameron using the No Pain, No Analgesia technique whilst on a training workshop in Portsmouth, and to her surprise – the pain disappeared! And it’s still gone!

So have a look at this video here and see how this technique could help you to get rid of your pain and how effective hypnotherapy is at getting to the cause of something and releasing it. It still amazes me the transformations it makes for individuals like myself and how I wish I’d tried this when I was younger so I could have avoided all these years of pain!

So if you are in constant or chronic pain, let me help you to become pain-free and enjoy your life to the full!

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