Hypnosis in your pocket

I came across this fantastic app with is available for iphone and android.

It’s called Digipill and can be downloaded free of charge. It comes with an excellent relaxation session.

There are a wide variety of add-ons available at low cost from the app store which can help you with everything from weight management, to getting a good night’s sleep, to attracting the right partner!

This is quite simply the best and most innovative thing on the iPhone right now so do yourself a favour and check it out. Even Steven Fry is tweeting about it!

Quoted from their website:
“Digipill uses psychoacoustics to allow you to unlock your subconscious and change your perception.
There are no gimmicks or binaural beats involved; instead, Digipill uses completely unique techniques inside carefully crafted audio ‘pills’ which typically play for around half an hour – although the effects can often last for much longer – sometimes even a lifetime.

The Digipill technique has been specifically designed to help with real life issues including giving up smoking, building up confidence, and getting to sleep. The technique can even be used to approach natural highs not unlike that of some physical pills.

Research has been going on in this field since 1839 with the experiments of Prussian scientist H.W. Dove, and, more recently, Dr Raymer Ditson-Sommer has worked with Olympians since 1996 to see how audio can improve sporting performance, by helping to retain focus or building adrenaline before competing for example.”

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