Hypnosis for children & teens

Is your child having problems with bedwetting, confidence, anxiety, allergies, bullying, fears & phobias, separation anxiety, exam stress, focus and concentration, anger and other behavioural issues? Then hypnotherapy can help

Children make excellent hypnotic subjects and they are willing to engage in visualisation and use their fantastic imagination easily which lends itself to hypnosis. Children experience this kind of state many times a day quite naturally, by being absorbed in thought or in imaginative play. They are open to the possibilities presented through “therapeutic play” and have none of the preconceived ideas that many adults have. In my experience young people enjoy hypnosis and respond exceptionally well. Hypnosis for children is as natural as play.

Hypnotherapy can help your child improve their self-confidence and ability to succeed and also help them learn healthy and empowering coping techniques. Children age 7 or over can benefit from hypnotherapy and I am trained and enjoy working with these youngsters, adolescents and of course working with adults too!

If you’d like to enquire as to how I could help your son or daughter then please do get in touch. I’m fully CRB checked and am more than happy to conduct sessions with a parent present – should the child and / or parent wish it. Call me now and see how I can help your child to have a better life.

Happy children become happy adults. Let’s work together to make it happen

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