Fear of Flying?

Is the Fear of Flying holding you back?
Whilst others merrily chat away about their upcoming foreign holiday in the sun, do you find yourself quaking in your boots at the mere thought of a flight somewhere?

Maybe it’s just the takeoff? maybe it’s about being in a confined space? maybe it’s about not being in control?

Does this hold you back from exploring those places you’d love to see? and do you find yourself disappointing the ones you love because you just can’t do it?

Then I can help you. Hypnotherapy is an extremely fast and fantastic cure for many phobias, and flying in particular. It works so well with the Fear of Flying as Donna said to me last week:

“I never thought I’d even get to Spain on a plane, let alone think about a trip to Disneyland! Now I’ve just got back from Marbella and it was fine! In fact I kept grinning from ear to ear and giggling all through the take off which confused my family completely! I waited til we got home before I explained why! I wasn’t worried at all and we’ve already got the brochures for Disneyland Florida for next year. I can’t thank you enough”

So if you want to rid this fear then contact me now on 01329 289080 as I’d love to help you to be free to explore this fantastic world of ours!

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