Darker evenings are on the way!

What are you going to do as the evenings draw in? When there is less chance of getting outside and exercising, walking the dog? having a picnic? Doing the gardening?

You may have good intentions not to snuggle up under the duvet each night with a packet of biscuits and a mug of hot chocolate, however baking cakes as shown on The Great British Bake Off means you have to try them. It would be rude not too!

Autumn and Winter are difficult times to control your weight. Our diet changes to more warming foods like pies and puddings, not helped by all the abundant fruits that are around and easily harvested. And then you get invited to that Christmas party and want to get back into that little black dress to look your best and realise once again that you have done nothing to help yourself.

That’s where hypnotherapy and NLP helps you to defeat procrastination and instinctively find that motivated state whenever you need it . Use hypnotherapy to find the alternative choices you need to make in your mind to lose weight, maintain that loss and feel so much more confident about you, the way you look and the way you take care of yourself.

So pick up the phone and make an appointment. It’s all in the mind!

07746 202181 or 01329 289080

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