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Does your child suffer from anxiety?

Do you not know which way to turn to help them?

I can help. I work with children everyday, helping them to understand their thoughts, why they are anxious, worried or fearful and give them techniques to move them forward to a more positive life.

There are so many pressures on children of every age now and growing up can be a difficult time. Not only have children got hormonal changes happening they also have to cope with the speed of our modern life, social media, family dynamics, bullying, getting good results at school or college... there are so many factors hinder children to be who they really are. They get overloaded, their self esteem falls and they present with anxiety, fears, panic attacks, illnesses, eating disorders, bedwetting...the list goes on. And then when you ask for help the instant response is drugs and a long long wait to see someone who may be able to help. These children need the help now, and that’s where I come in.

Children don’t often tell us what is going on for them but you may notice changes in their personality. They may be wetting the bed, have behavioural issues or their school work is suffering.  Along with the pressures of possibly being bullied at school, having low self-esteem or just trying to make new friends, life can be tough. All that and hormones flying around – no wonder they struggle so much.   Noticing these symptoms and realising there is a problem makes you a great parent. Now it’s time for me to help and let’s make those changes so that they become how they truly are and tap into that potential to be so much more.

My work with children is so rewarding.  By being able to enable someone to make changes in themselves and then see the results, to see them become more confident, rid themselves of annoying habits, fear’s and phobias etc.  Whatever the issue it’s about changing them and helping them now, so that they don’t need to carry all of this with them into adulthood.  Allowing them to become more rounded individuals and less fearful of life.  Imagine how you would have felt if your innermost fears and issues were gone before the age of 18? What a different life you may have led?

Every child from 8 to 18 has an amazing untapped potential. By programming their subconscious for success using hypnosis increases their potential with school work, hobbies and social interactions.  Often helping to change behavioural patterns for the better, both at home and at school.

Children are great at being hypnotised. They have few preconceived ideas about what to expect and just follow the flow in a manner that helps them but helps them to feel safe and secure.  The results are amazing!


Do all hypnotherapist work with children?

No, they don’t. There are relatively few hypnotherapists that work with children, so do your research, ensure that you have a qualified hypnotherapist and one who specialises in children.  I am both and really enjoy working with kids of all ages.  Always ensure your therapist has an up to date DBS (Disclosure Barring Service) certificate. If you want to see mine please ask.

How is a session conducted?

Kids are fab at being hypnotised and responding to any type of therapy and the results are amazing.  With younger children I have the parent in the room. The child feels safer and you can see and understand what is going on and support your child by reinforcing all the positive work we do.

Older children sometimes wish to have the parent on the premises but not in the room and this is fine too.  It’s about making them and you feel comfortable and at ease.  My only request is that you don’t interrupt and answer for the child unless asked  too.  The session is about them.

I will, however, talk to you before the session to get as much information as I can on what is going on, what the issues are and if there is anything going on at home that might be worrying them.  I will ask you many questions so that I have a complete picture and don’t have to embarrass or stress your child.  Also, younger children cannot express themselves like we adults do.  I also like to ask questions about their heroes and favourite things.  When I mention this in a session, not only does it help them but it can also amaze them that I know this about them.  It all helps in building that all important rapport that I need with all my clients, young and old.

Hypnosis with younger children

Younger kids often fidget when they are in my sessions.  Some have been known to be upside down in my chair!  They often keep their eyes open. However, they are so used to using their imagination that they find it easy to see, hear and feel things suggested to them. They see colours, shapes and scenarios so easily as they live in their imaginations. They thoroughly enjoy being asked to explore stories, adventures and enter into computer programmes or becoming a super-hero! and I use their imaginations to help them in a positive way.  It’s all about story-telling and kids love stories!  I may give them simple homework to back up the sessions which I know you will want to help support them with.


Hypnosis and therapy for older children

Depending on the age of the child I will adjust the sessions to suit them.  As I said earlier, some prefer the parent in the room, some prefer to be alone with me.  Both are absolutely fine by me.  I may give them simple homework to back up the sessions which I know you will want to help support them with.

Can hypnotherapy force someone to do something they don’t want to?

Absolutely not. I want to make sure that any child who comes to me is happy to do so and it is not against  their will.  Once established I will explain to the older children that I can’t make them do anything they don’t want to. I want them to know they are in control and will hear everything I say.


Are there any side effects?

No! Well, that isn’t exactly true.  The side effects are the positive changes they make for a better future.

How many sessions will they need?

I can’t answer that directly.  It depends on the issue and the child. Some issues can be treated in 1 or 2 sessions. Others take a few more. I will advise you as we go along.  My aim is to make lasting change and to ensure that the child is happy and confident.  Sometimes my clients come back once every few months for a top up. I am happy to accommodate whatever is needed to get your child functioning well and happily.

Here are some of the issues I have helped children with:

  • Anxiety
  • Bedwetting (Enuresis)
  • Behavioural Problems (Home or School)
  • Compulsive Behaviour
  • Coping with Bullying
  • Fear of the Dentist
  • Lack of Concentration
  • Lack of Confidence
  • Nail Biting
  • Other Fears & Phobias
  • Panic
  • Sleeping Difficulties
  • Stress
  • Test & Exam Nerves
  • Thumb-Sucking
  • Weight Issues

And many more….