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CATS – Child Anxiety Therapy Services


Does your child suffer from anxiety?

Do you not know which way to turn to help them?

I can help. I work with children everyday, helping them to understand their thoughts, why they are anxious, worried or fearful and give them techniques to move them forward to a more positive life. Child Anxiety Therapy Services (CATS) can be very effective in helping your child.

There are so many pressures on children of every age now and growing up can be a difficult time. Not only have children got hormonal changes happening they also have to cope with the speed of our modern life, social media, family dynamics, bullying, getting good results at school or college... there are so many factors hinder children to be who they really are. They get overloaded, their self esteem falls and they present with anxiety, fears, panic attacks, illnesses, eating disorders, bedwetting...the list goes on. And then when you ask for help the instant response is drugs and a long long wait to see someone who may be able to help. These children need the help now, and that’s where I come in.