2018 is a time for you

2018 is a time for you
To set your mind on what to do.
To let the past be put to bed
The future is where you now are head.

So what about a new resolution?
To lose some weight, find a solution?
Or knock that phobia on the head
And take away that awful dread!

Or maybe time to feel much stronger?
Anxiety less, peaceful times longer.
To gain some more high self-esteem
It doesn’t have to be a pipe-dream.

So if I helped you on your way
What glorious things you’d have to say!
As your life improves, getting better and better
Living each day as a new go-getter!

With support and guidance you can change
And stop those moments of feeling strange.
Take control of your weight and emotions
No longer having silly notions

You re slimmer, fitter and emotionally stronger
Worrying times haunt you no longer.
And life returns to where it should be
Happy, healthy and feeling free!

So give me a call, have a chat
It isn’t more difficult than that.
And I can help you on your way
To enjoy each moment of each glorious day!

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