16-25 year olds – Anxiety, Depression, Confidence…..


Anxiety & Depression in Adolescents
I have been really surprised how many 16-25-year-olds I see who feel like they are worthless, that they have lost their way, that life isn’t how they thought it would be.

It all seems to spring from TV programmes such as “The Voice” & “X-Factor” where the show tempts youngsters into believing there is a quick fix, that they can have lots of money, a glittering career and boys or girls falling at their feet!

They also film these youngsters saying “I’ll do anything to get away from my boring life as a hairdresser, student or shop worker etc” as the tears stream down their faces at the unhappiness of their lot, implying that no-one can ever be happy unless they attain these goals so out of reach for most of us.

Also the education system tells everyone they must have a degree, enjoy that “University” experience and end up earning lots of money with the perfect job at the end of it. Where the reality is, moving away from home is scary, you have to make new friends, follow new routines and essentially “rebrand” yourself to get through. And many are now realising that the end degree does not always guarantee them the future they thought they would have, they find themselves out of work with a massive debt and alone and lost once again.

It is hard when you don’t know what you want to do with your life, and particularly hard if you feel your confidence has been knocked and you are uncertain about so many things.

People will tell you to “be happy”, “think of the good things in your life”, but it just isn’t that simple. It’s okay getting good advice but implementing it is different matter.

Everyone I see has come to me because they have worked out that they are unhappy with their lot and want to enjoy what they’ve got or get something better by making changes. There is often a battle in their heads, where the thinking part wants to seek out new experiences and try new things, but the feeling part keeps ticking away in the background and constantly reminds them of every bad experience they’ve ever had, every mistake they’ve made and this makes them feel even worse, leading to more anxiety and depression.

Hypnotherapy works because it works with the “feeling” part of your brain. It works by relaxing this part down enough for that subconscious feeling part to find a better way to handle things or to make different choices. The choice is always yours as you are in control all the time. Sometimes it’s about both parts agreeing to work together to achieve a desire or a goal. But it works!

It doesn’t take many sessions to feel so much better with hypnotherapy, and changes are often made on the first session. Hypnotherapy is life changing and is good for so many things. Most of it all comes down to our core belief that somewhere inside “we aren’t good enough” and hypnotherapy helps change that perception. It works so well with anxiety, depression & self-confidence issues. Also phobias, OCD, panic attacks, sleep problems, alcohol and drug addiction, relationships, sports performance, sexuality issues, public speaking, job interviews, exam nerves, driving tests and lots of other things. If you want more information, give me a call and you can decide for yourself to make those changes to help you feel better.

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